Get to Know the Co.: Hope Wheeler

In this weekly series we profile each Collins + Co. employee to get more insight on her approach to PR and marketing and what are some of her favorites things.

What inspired you to pursue a career in PR/Marketing?

I’ve always been artistically inclined and truly right-brained. As an arts management major in college, I tapped into my creative side but knew that in the long run, I wanted to be in a business atmosphere. Marketing and PR are perfect mix of those - I love the creative aspect of coming up with new design ideas and campaign ideas, new ways to make messaging standout. 

Name a brand that you respect and admire (not a client!):

Rent the Runway. They provide outstanding service and the founders are two women who had an innovative idea and have grown a business into unicorn status. 

Daily news read or favorite national publication: 

Washington Post and the New York Post (I know, they couldn’t be more different) 

Go-to tactic for creating long-term value for a client:

Finding innovative and unique ways to shape a narrative. It's thrilling and ultimately so satisfying to come up with creative solutions and ideas for our clients that deliver results and can provide solid ROI. 

Apps you cannot live without: 

Waze, Park Mobile and Instagram

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Hope Wheeler