Get to Know the Co.: Emma Skura

Emma supports a variety of our clients from nonprofits to commercial real estate. She is our go to gal for all things advertising. Learn more about her approach below!

What inspired you to pursue a career in PR/Marketing?

Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated with people’s stories on their own evolution, and that really grew into a passion for learning about small businesses and large corporations alike stories of evolution; and then finding ways to leverage those niche ‘things’ that make each of them unique and using those to promote them through branding and advertising.

Name a brand that you respect and admire (not a client!): 

Tuckernuck, I have always loved shopping my local boutiques whether it be in Ohio, North Carolina, or Maryland. Tuckernuck found a way to bring all of my favorite designers that you can’t find at the mall in every city into one e-commerce spot. I love the fact that I can easily shop boutique style in the comfort of my own home and always find something that fits my personal style.

Daily news read or favorite national publication: 

These days I pretty heavily read The Washington Post, NYT, People and occasionally peruse The Athletic.

Go-to tactic for creating long-term value for a client:

Coming from an advertising sales background, which is highly competitive and these days is supremely results driven, I have found that what has aided in my clients success when it comes to investing in paid media has been my ability to listen to my clients goals both short and long-term and tailor their paid media investment in a custom approach that helps each client reach their varying goals. I’ve learned so often in the advertising world that folks can get so consumed in their own personal success (month-to-month goals) that it hinders their ability to deliver long-term success for the client.

App you cannot live without: 

Oh gosh this is a toughy! I would say it’s a toss up between Google Calendar where my family + work + social life lives, Instagram, my go-to source for keeping up with friends, and the Target app where I do all my shopping and saving (Cartwheel will change your life if you aren’t already using it)!

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Hope Wheeler