Get to Know the Co.: Tessa Bonnstetter

This is the fifth edition of our series profiling a Collins + Co. employee. Tessa leads + supports accounts across a variety of industries.

What inspired you to pursue a career in PR/Marketing?

I’d say PR found me, but looking back it all makes sense how I got here. In high school and college I was fascinated with how brands choose to speak to consumers—particularly in commercials, with their choice of taglines, music, casting and tone of voice was so interesting to me. I also loved magazines and always aspired to work for one, but discovered that public relations is just another way to work in publishing, but with more freedom and collaboration. Growing up, you could catch me in the backseat of my mom’s car with the latest issue of J14, the American Girl Doll Magazine - which I’m sure was just a catalogue, but I digress- or my older sister’s Cosmo Girl. After college when I was applying to jobs, I landed a PR gig in NYC and ran with it, and it was the best choice I’ve ever made.

Name a brand that you respect and admire (not a client!): 

Everlane. I love the brand’s minimalist, practical approach to the fashion industry. I trust their materials because of their transparency and appreciate the “staple” approach, because how many black blouses do you really need? And to top it off, their sustainability efforts are commendable. 

Daily news read or favorite national publication: 

I’m a huge e-newsletter girl. Every morning I consume The New York Times, the Washington Post, Huffington Post and Mindbodygreen. I love the first three for hard news and politics, and Mindbodygreen gives me health-related inspo and recipes.

Go-to tactic for creating long-term value for a client:

To me, long-term value for the client is facetime with the media. Old fashioned desksides with a modern and interactive twist, a simple coffee meeting, or perhaps a media event if it’s in the budget, are great ways to position yourself as a leader in the space and make yourself available for future opportunities. Approaching media with a personal touchpoint is beneficial to both parties and forms mutual respect as the basis of a (hopefully!) long-lasting relationship.

App you cannot live without: 

According to insights from Screen Time, Instagram. Instagram is how I keep in touch with a lot of my friends, family and keep up with influencers and media I want to work with. A close second is the Apple Podcast app - these days, I even listen to podcasts when I exercise. My current faves are Armchair Expert, Fat Mascara, Lady Gang, Hidden Brain and Second Life.

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Hope Wheeler