Get to Know the Co.: Julia Strasdauskas [Straz-dows-kus]

This is the fourth edition of our series profiling a Collins + Co. employee. Julia leads a range of our consumer and nonprofit clients and is our go-to messaging maven. Check out her approach to PR and marketing and some of her favorites things.

What inspired you to pursue a career in PR/Marketing?

I took a public relations elective class my first semester of freshman year in college and never looked back. The PR profession is often behind-the-scenes and once I was introduced I realized it holds my ideal balance between writing, creativity and collaboration.

Name a brand that you respect and admire (not a client!): 

Spotify. If I was down to my last $9.99, I would still feel good about putting it towards their monthly fee. My husband prefers Apple music and therefore our household is truly divided. Aside from clocking in a 187,000 minutes of listening last year, I love that the brand harnesses music to drive social change.

Daily news read or favorite national publication: 

I live for New York Times’ Modern Love column! 

Go-to tactic for creating long-term value for a client:

Media relations. A strong relationship is the gift that keeps on giving. I have the utmost respect for the journalism industry and love collaborating with reporters, producers, anchors and editors.

App you cannot live without: 

Apple’s Podcast app. Right now I’m loving all of the content NPR is churning out. I start my day with NPR’s Up First for the 15 minute download on what’s happening in the world at large and often end it with their Invisibilia podcast while I’m cooking dinner or winding down. I admire their responsible storytelling and Invisibilia has the ability to take me through an entire wheel of emotions in one hour episode!

How do you unplug after a busy day?

By cooking! It helps me relax but also feel productive. I often show my love for others by cooking for them. If you’re going through a life event and we are close, you better believe I’m dropping off something homemade to make life a little easier. I love combining the deep southern recipes I grew up eating with fresh, healthier ingredients. Although I strongly believe subbing out butter in any dish in a cardinal sin.

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Hope Wheeler